creepy guy talking to girl

How to not look like a random “creepy” guy

How not to look like a "creepy" guy meeting women The definitive guide to talking to women and not weirding them out. Have you ever really wanted to talk to a girl but you were worried about being "creepy"? Maybe she...

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The Personal Development High: Why Self Help Junkies Fail To Create Success

Why personal development isn’t working for you. Many of us go searching for a sort of personal development cornucopia; a source of information or ‘trick’ to make us into better people with better lives. We read books, go to lectures, seek out…

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Why Women Go Cold On Text Messages And How To Write Messages That Work

Have you ever got a girls number, texted her later on and then didn’t get a response? It seemed like you really hit it off when you met, and you even wrote a “really cool” text that seemed sure to…

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dating coach

Dating coach advice: Average Asian guy meets hot blond (How to video)

Dating coach advice Average Asian guy walks up to hot blond and talks to her (How to approach hot women) Here's a breakdown and critique of one coaching student approaching a woman. He did a great job getting her attention and...

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how to meet women

How to Meet Women Everywhere (Mega Dating Guide)

How to meet women The ultimate guide to meeting women and dating. This post covers a romantic perspective on how to meet women and differentiate yourself from other men who choose to use conventional dating tactics. Click Here for a free coaching session…

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how to approach women

How to Approach Women In Public (Ultimate Dating Guide)

How to approach women. The ultimate guide to getting dates that turn into relationships. These strategies work on the street, cafes, restaurants, transit, stores and anywhere else you can think of.  Click here for a free coaching session Using the methods in...

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Beer With Cajun: How To Create An Abundant Love Life (Video Interview)

Interview with Derek Cajun, dating coach, pickup artist and CEO of Love Systems. I did this interview a while ago but everything we talked about is relevant for any man who wants to overcome approach anxiety, build confidence, and meet hot women….

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Jack Donovan Interview: Feminist and White Knights Vs. Masculinity

What is Masculinity? In this interview with Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men, we explore the meaning of masculinity, its roots, and how feminist and white knights are anti-male. Far too many feminist have taken center stage in…

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mister metokur

Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria

Trigger Warning! Mister Metokur: Crazy Social Justice Warriors, Feminist, Rape Culture Hysteria.I interviewed Mister Metokur a while back. We had an interesting conversation on the modern state of feminism, social justice warriors (SJW’s), PC culture, and all of the insanity it causes….

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elliott hulse, interview,personal development

Elliott Hulse Interview: “Set an intention then forget about it’

 "If you don't fix this, you will be a bitch for the rest of your life." - Elliott Hulse I interviewed Elliott Hulse on the Ultimate Men's Podcast. Elliott goes deep into his history, starting from broke and eventually rising...

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